Forget hot dudes on the metro. Hot dudes at the airport is the only way to thirst-travel. 😋

Whether it’s going through security, waiting at the terminal or boarding the plane, the opportunities to catch a hot dude at the airport are pretty much endless. Thankfully, the Facebook group “Airport Hotties” is dedicated to documenting the sexiest men spotted from Albuquerque (ABQ) to Zurich (ZRH). Holiday travel might be a nightmare, but these guys are total dreamboats. 😍

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It’s not only sexy passengers who get the objectification treatment. From pilots to flight attendants and even TSA agents, no one is safe from the Facebook group’s discerning male gaze. Hooray, for airports being public spaces having no reasonable expectation of privacy. 👀

Bros in sweatpants. Hot nerds on their laptops. Business class hotties. Muscle dads. Silver foxes with tats. College athletes. Hunky world travelers. Men in uniform. Basically, every type of fine male specimen can be found on display on the Facebook group. Too bad Virgin America is going away in 2018: We could have really used that mood lightning right about now. 😘

Below is a small but thoughtful sampling of the airport hotties posted on the Facebook group. Check it out next time your flight gets delayed. And a little PSA, if you want to be a bona fide Airport Hottie, maybe don’t wear flip-flops… You know they’re going to make you take them off to go through security, right? The least sexy thing in the world is seeing a guy go through all that barefoot. 🤮

Photos: Airport Hotties | Facebook

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