Not ready to spend this Thanksgiving listening to your terrible family? Need an excuse to hide in the garage with your headphones on? The following podcasts are here to help.

Whether you need to tune out your drunk uncle complaining about Obamacare or recuperate after a futile argument with a bunch of people who voted against their own interests, we have the perfect pastime. Just fire up your favorite podcast app, listen up and indulge in some self-care (and maybe a second helping of pumpkin pie).

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Hosted by queer people of color, these podcasts all serve sensible talk on politics, pop culture, power dynamics, privilege, personal relationships and the good-old patriarchy. But we promise, regardless of the topic, these hosts always aim for being entertaining over being preachy. Check ’em out and prepare to binge.

Food 4 Thot

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Want to know what this podcast is about in a nutshell? Look no further than its Instagram handle @GaySlutsWhoRead. The Food 4 Thot hosts delivered a rosé-fueled discussion on a wide range of topics, from the first time they saw themselves represented in literature to the last time they tried certain sex positions. So, it’s no surprise that the frank, sex-positive podcast has partnered with Grindr to pop-up on the dating app every week for its second season, premiering on December 10.

Podcast of Color

Hosted by four self-described “Trash Bags of Color,” the appropriately-titled Podcast of Color fearlessly tackles timely topics such as colorism, sexual assault, Hollywood hypocrisy, Olivia Pope’s new power wig, sexual positions (trend alert!), plus the pros and cons of having white friends. Already on its 33rd episode, Podcast of Color is showing no signs of slowing down. You can help push their much-needed agenda by donating to their Patron page.


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Your gay grandpa’s NPR, Nancy is a narrative-driven documentary podcast from WNYC about the queer experience today. The two “super queer, super fun” hosts conduct insightful interviews that shine a light on being out in the workplace, being gay and Republican, and being an Asian American porn star. Plus, an inside look at the Pentagon’s secret gaggle of gays. Now in its second season, Nancy has welcomed super-legit guests, like RuPaul, Broad City‘s Abbi Jacobson, Master of None‘s Lena Waithe and pop group Tegan & Sara, to help spice things up.

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