Is Jeff Goldblum a Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, or Samantha? What if he were to play all four?

One TV writer has given us a peek at a possible answer with a proposed reboot of Sex & the City starring Jeff Goldblum as all four characters. Reboot alert. 🚨

Gennefer Gross (@Gennefer) posted images from a recent GQ photoshoot and made them fit into the stereotypes that defined the Sex & the City leading ladies. Shopping spree Jeff? That’s so Carrie. Jeff checking out a gorgeous model? So Samantha. Jeff giving the stink eye? Oh, Miranda.

It didn’t take very long for Gennefer’s post to go viral, as people realized that a Sex & the City reboot starring Jeff Goldblum is basically the most binge-worthy thing ever imagined. The post became so popular that Gennefer later Tweeted that she may have single-handedly resurrected the Sex & the City 3 movie. Seriously, though. Who needs Kim Cattrall when you could have Jeff Goldblum playing Sam, the thirsty silver fox. 🐺

“Like most of the Internet, I am also enchanted with the wondrous enigma that is Jeff Goldblum,” Gennefer told Newsweek.”So when GQ published a recent article — complete with photos that show the full range of Jeff Goldblum-ness — the one with him dashing out of a boutique with shopping bags, in particular, struck me as so very Carrie Bradshaw. So, as one of many comedy writers who shares jokes on Twitter, I got inspired to find a photo of him that represented each of the Sex & the City characters—especially after the whole debacle over the SATC 3 movie going bust.”

It’s been a rollercoaster ride for fans of the franchise. Recently, OG Carrie, Sarah Jessica Parker, revealed that a third film was in the works, but that it didn’t end up happening. Shortly after, it was reported that Kim Cattrall was the single holdout, and OG Samantha had to explain herself as to why she didn’t want to be involved with making a trilogy. Apparently, she has better things to do? Anyway, it was whole drama.

Now that we know Jeff Goldblum fits right into that universe, however, maybe fans will end up getting another Sex & the City movie, but with a twist. 🍋

Featured Photo: GQ

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