Halloween is the only time of the year when gay guys can dress slutty and get away with it. Which I think is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. You should be able to get away with dressing slutty every night if you want to. It’s your goddamn prerogative.

It’s October, which means we’re bound to get bombarded by those bitchy comments about gay guys in slutty Halloween costumes, and I say, who the fuck gives a fuck? Dress like a slut. Go to a party totally naked and just wearing a werewolf mask. If you’ve got a hot bod, flaunt it. If anyone gives you shit for only wearing an eyepatch as underwear, it’s because they’re jealous they ain’t got your abs, your pecs or your biceps. Don’t let them shit on your festivities with their insecurity. Here are a ton more slutty Halloween costume ideas (some are NSFW because porn stars love Halloween):

Photos: Halloween Hunks


  1. Ok but gays will dress slutty any time of year, Halloween isn’t the “once a year allowance.” And why are you only “empowering” generic hot guys to wear less for the holiday? Everyone can do it. Everyone will do it. No one gives a shit about the man’s abs, pecs, or biceps. Within your “no slut shaming” cover, you’re shaming those who aren’t under your ideal body type to ogle. So that’s bs.

    • Anonymous

      So dam right fuck you if you think on
      Y hot guys can be slut I can do it and I’m not average hot body optu your indulging taste of body!!

  2. I’m glad to have a chance to ogle hot guys with or without costumes. Thanks for posting these!

  3. Global culture my ass … Everyone in the pictures but two is white.

    • Anonymous

      Where does it mention anything about global culture?

  4. Anonymous

    Wow. You covered your page with douchebags and equally douchebag costumes. You’re probably thinking that I wish to be ripped like them or something lame like that…no. Actually, I look at people like that as people that waste way too much time in the gym. Be toned, not ripped…and for good health, not to show off. In my opinion, I find the more attractive ones to be the ones, not just because of cold weather, to cover up with something classy without the excuse of “slutty Halloween” and you can tell they still take care of themselves. These guys in these pictures exude arrogance. Lame.

  5. first, i love the costumes. i say wear what you want but you exchanged slut shaming for body shaming! a person could have ANY body time and not like a slutty costume. maybe they are a prude? and so what if someone is chunky, doesnt mean they are jealous because they dont like something. what to be a hypocrite.

  6. I love slutty costumes, I wish boys could be slutty all the time. Dress sexy, and turn me on! This year I am wearing a penis sheath and showing off my hot lil body. If its cold I might wear pantyhose, but Im going as naked as possible.