Pop performances. Tank tops. Pool parties. Sunny skies. Hunks galore. Los Angeles Gay Pride Parade and Festival is sure one of the biggest, gayest events in the world, and the 2017 festival returns to take over West Hollywood this weekend, on June 10 and 11.

So what better way to commemorate the start of a colorful Pride season than by reminiscing over some vintage photos of celebrations from our queer past. Check out this awesome collection from the vibrant archives of LA Pride in the 80’s and 90’s. Spot anyone you recognize?

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But this is LA Pride like you’ve never seen it before. Photographer Alan Light has been attending the Los Angeles LGBT Pride parade and festival since the late 80’s and lucky for us, he had his camera by his side, documenting the sun-tanned, muscled-up, Reagan-hating era in vivid detail.

Check out some of our favorite shots we discovered from Alan’s treasure trove of photos of LA Gay Pride 1987-1995. The Mel Gibson obsession and the ripped up, white denim bootie shorts may be outdated now, but being out and proud and fighting for equality never goes out of style.

Los Angeles Gay Pride 1987

Los Angeles Gay Pride 1988

Los Angeles Gay Pride 1990

Los Angeles Gay Pride 1991

Los Angeles Gay Pride 1993

Los Angeles Gay Pride 1995


  1. Fantastic photographic collection of what is almost another era but from a time we were either growing-up or not even born. Looking at these photos is quite nostalgic and fascinating to wonder where many of these young gents could be now. This is indeed a flawless, terrific collection.

  2. Wil Fabrick

    These are wonderful! It would be great if these (and other gay themed home movies) would be preserved into gay history at closetreel.com (or similar archives such as the GLBT History Museum in SF).

  3. joe mata oros

    Talk about great times, The look, the outfits.Talk about just wanting to be around all these MEN , just in the crowd.

  4. everybody here is so muscled, fit and….white

  5. This was fantastic. Thank you for share it.

  6. Anonymous

    Wow, these photos brought back the memories. And i’m in a few! So many familiar beautiful faces, Thank you for saving these for the our city to see and share!!

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  9. Many familiar faces. I marched with a group right behind Rex Chandler, who is in one of the pics from 1990.

  10. Steven Lockwood

    Wow, I was there, 1989-92. Thank you for posting these, and bringing back wonderful memories.

  11. Wow such great shots and a beautiful memory. Hot gay men certainly span the generations nicely.