It looks like Facebook and Snapchat are both using the artwork of The Gay Beards as a visual weapon in their bitter, timely rivalry.

Portland-based Brian Delaurenti and Johnathan Dahl are the duo behind The Gay Beards, and credited with sparking the Internet’s glitter-beard craze. Although they may have originally gained recognition on Instagram, amassing over 257,000 followers, their signature aesthetic was recently borrowed (stolen?) by Facebook and Snapchat.

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It all started when Facebook decided to debut its own in-app Stories, a near-identical version of the Snapchat feature that lets you share ephemeral slideshows made up of video and photos that disappear in 24 hours. One of the most lovable aspects of Snapchat Stories are the 3D selfie filters that overlay animated facial features – so Facebook went ahead and duplicated those, too.

That Facebook’s become a Snapchat clone is not at all novel. In the last few months, both Facebook and Instagram have adopted Snapchat features left and right. What’s surprising is that both Facebook and Snapchat both had very similar 3D selfie filters available at the same time. The selfie filters were glitter-beards, no doubt inspired by The Gay Beards.

Below you can see both competing glitter-beard selfie filters by Facebook (left) and Snapchat (right).

When we first spotted these 3D selfie filters, we couldn’t help but think they looked a little familiar. Regardless of whether you prefer Facebook’s blue beard with a stylish curly mustache or Snapchat’s big, full pink beard, there’s no denying that both of these selfie filters shared the same inspiration: The Gay Beards. Don’t think so? Check this out.

Yup, the only difference is that The Gay Beards are rocking real glittery-beards, not some augmented reality creation. Based on that photo, it looks like Snapchat’s selfie filter was straight-up a recreation.

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The Gay Beards don’t seem to mind being the uncompensated inspiration, however. When both selfies debuted, they encouraged their Instagram followers to post photos of themselves rocking either glittery beard from Facebook or Snapchat. And, of course, they got to partake in the fun, too.

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