As a way to commemorate International Transgender Day of Visibility, trans Instagram users are sharing messages of love and support to empower and uplift fellow members of the trans community. Needless to say, the result is the definition of #inspirational. 🙌

By focusing on the ways that trans folks are affirming each other online, this video serves as a sort of love letter.

Instagram and GLAAD brought together a group of trans leaders to film a touching video in honor of the holiday. The video features Transparent actresses Trace Lysette and Alexandra Grey, genderqueer advocate Jacob Tobia, YouTube star Gigi Gorgeous, hip-hop artist Rocco Katastrophe, entrepreneur Angelica Ross, musician Elliot Fletcher, Harvard swimmer Schuyler Bailar and teen activist Zoey Luna. You can watch the inspiring video below.

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These trans leaders were asked to go in front of the camera and read #KindComments that their Instagram followers had posted on their accounts. Think of it as the positive version of Jimmy Kimmel’s “Mean Tweets” with an uplifting and inspirational spin. Instagram is using its #KindComments initiative to make the photo-sharing app a friendlier place for everyone, but especially trans Instagram users. 💖

“You inspired me to come out publicly as trans a few days ago,” Trace Lysette read. “Please keep pushing forward.”

“For trans day of visibility, I wanted to work with Instagram to draw attention to the resilience of trans people, to the fact that we love and support each other no matter what,” Tobia told The Huffington Post. “By focusing on the ways that trans folks are affirming each other online, this video serves as a sort of love letter to trans people around the world.” 💌

Along with the moving video, the #KindComments project also includes a series of stunning portraits with trans Instagram talent behind the camera, as well. Amos Mac, founder of Original Plumbing magazine, photographed the subjects, and Cetine Dale styled them. Watch the #KindComments video below, and check out some of the beautiful portraits, courtesy of Instagram and GLAAD.

“Visibility is a collective thing; we’ve got to support each [email protected] @JacobTobia is a writer, producer, and leading voice for nonbinary, genderqueer, and gender nonconforming people. As a performer and internet personality, Jacob helps others embrace the full complexity of gender and find power in living their truth—even when that truth doesn’t fit comfortably within masculinity or femininity. Photo by: @amosmac #KindComments #TDOV

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