For many of us, Disney princes were our very first crush and years later they continue to make our hearts skip a beat.

Now that Disney’s live-action remake of Beauty and the Beast is hitting theaters, we’re getting flashbacks of how in love we were with The Beast, only to be ultimately disappointed when he turned into The Prince at the end of the movie. The simple truth is that he was way hotter in Beast form and everyone knows it.

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Despite Disney’s recent fascination with live-action remakes, there will never be anything like our first animated crushes. In addition to the Beast, here are other sexy Disney princes who could totally get it. Do you have a Disney prince you’re totally head over heels with? Let us know in the comments.

Aladdin – Sexiest Disney Princes

By wearing just a vest for almost the entire movie, this titular character showed us a “whole new world.” Plus, Aladdin is one of the few Disney princes with an actual personality.

Captain Li Shang

Mulan‘s love interest clearly had a hot bod and rocked the man-bun long before it became a cliché.

Robin Hood

Although not technically a prince, this dude is definitely charming. Not to mention, well, he’s a total fox, wouldn’t you say?

King Triton

Eric was the Disney prince we were supposed to lust after in The Little Mermaid, but it was King Triton who stole our hearts with his mighty trident and mightier nipples.

The Beast

We already touched upon this Disney prince who was ironically sexier as a hairy beast. A lesson in being careful what you wish for.

Prince Naveen

After watching The Princess and the Frog, this Disney prince’s jaw-line alone had us running to the nearest pond to find a toad to test our luck on.

Bambi’s Dad

Sorry, not sorry.


We would give up everything we own to go live in the jungle if we had Tarzan by our side.


This lion went from being just a curious, carefree cub to a full-grown, responsible leader right before our eyes.

Roger Radcliffe

Who doesn’t love a dude with a dog? Roger from 101 Dalmatians was into writing songs, too, which raises his sex appeal. Plus, he’s basically the human version of Pongo, and we felt a little weird including another animal on this list.

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