Anna Wintour is no longer the most recognizable figure sitting front-row during fashion week. Real-life blow-up doll, Pandemonia, has been showing up to London Fashion Week, making a statement and leaving the fashion world gagging.

BuzzFeed called Pandemonia the most important person at the fashion shows, and the creation has also graced the pages of Harper’s Bazaar and Vanity Fair. Underneath the latex is a self-proclaimed “post-pop artist” who has been using celebrity and fashion since 2008 to share his commentary on today’s extreme beauty standards and eccentric caricature.

It’s the public reaction that makes her a celebrity.

“Instead of showing my work traditionally in an art gallery, I took it directly to the people,” Pandemonia told BuzzFeed. “Everyone is a photographer now — we all have camera phones. I started showing up (exhibiting my work) at society events… It’s the public reaction that makes her a celebrity.”

Pandemonia’s commentary on celebrity, fashion and standards of female beauty is very similar to the messages in A Guide to Indulgence, a short film by British filmmaker Nadia Lee Cohen.

“I wanted to create a satirical world in which the female inhabitants have pushed their appearances into cartoonish, extreme representations of femininity,” Cohen told Nowness. Watch the three-minute short film below.

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