Art collectors looking to spice up their private collection with some nude art had a field day last week during Sotheby’s first-ever erotic art auction.

More than 100 works of nude art were featured in the Erotic: Passion & Desire auction, and they ended up selling for a combined $6,612,775, beating initial expectations.

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“You might enjoy it, you might not like it, but the great thing about art is that it opens it up for discussion,” said Dita Von Teese in a video interview to promote the erotic art auction.

Erotic: Passion & Desire included works that ranged from a marble Roman statue made in the 2nd century to erotic paintings made in India in the 18th century to more modern pieces by known artists such as Picasso, Robert Mapplethorpe and Helmut Newton.

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One of the standout pieces from the auction was Marc Quinn’s golden statue of Kate Moss putting her foot behind her head that sold for $137,401, as well as Terry Rodgers’ fleshy Variable Frequencies of Restraint (featured image) and Pavel Tchelitchew’s Bathers painting that sold for over half-a-million dollars. You can see uncensored photos of these artworks, and a few of our other favorites, below.

Writes Sotheby’s head of sale, Constantine Frangos, “Art has always existed to tell a human story, and sex has always been a part of that story—whether it is there to compel, to shock or to seduce,” Sotheby’s head of sale, Constantine Frangos, told The Creators Project. “Indeed, eroticism in art has appeared in whatever form art has taken, and our exhibition will take the viewer on a journey through the centuries.”