Welcome to Ett Hem in Stockholm, one of Europe’s “best-dressed” hotels.

Last Spring, we traveled to Europe in search of hotels with impeccable style. With their world-class design sensibility, unique approach to interior decor and stylish amenities, these “best-dressed” European hotels go beyond being merely fashionable. They are truly timeless.

Ett Hem in Stockholm

The scent of lemon, cedar and amber welcomes you at Ett Hem, a boutique hotel that feels more like your stylish friend’s townhouse in Stockholm. The signature fragrance was created by Julian Bedel, founder of Argentina’s perfume lab Fueguia 1833, after he himself fell in love with Ett Hem’s immaculate interiors and intimate-home feel.

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Built in 1910 but renovated in 2012, Ett Hem features the epitome of tasteful décor, both elegant and relaxed. Every detail was carefully considered by British interior designer Ilse Crawford. Additional creative guidance was provided by owner Jeanette Mix, whose own personal collection of art, photography, and books can be found throughout the house.

Crawford’s dream home-style resulted in a dining room designed for cultured dinner parties, a grand piano in the living room for stately entertaining and a charming kitchen with freshly-baked desserts every evening. But Crawford’s vision is even more fully-realized out on the garden glasshouse: a cozy, leafy respite perfect for sipping morning coffee and feeling utterly inspired.

Ett Hem makes you feel at home especially upstairs, where its design philosophy is perfectly mingled with modern amenities. All 12 rooms have Kiehl’s bath products, a Dodocase‘d iPad 2 and like any true 21st-century home, access to Netflix.

If you’re ready never to leave the room and not feel not even a tinge of guilt about it, consider booking room 5, complete with its own fireplace and freestanding marble bathtub. Even if you’re not willing to wear anything else but a plushy bathrobe, Ett Hem encourages you to sneak downstairs and relax in the Swedish sauna and hot stone slab ­­­– just like a good friend would if you were a guest at his or her home.

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