Hate-monger and “Twink for Trump” poster boy Milo Yiannopoulos has a new book out, but this San Francisco bookshop is refusing to support his hate speech.

The Booksmith has decided to not stock Milo’s Dangerous, and you won’t be able to special-order it from the venerable bookshop, either. Furthermore, The Booksmith won’t stock any titles from Simon & Schuster’s Threshold Editions, the uber-conservative imprint that commissioned the book from Milo, but also publishes works by Donald Trump, Dick Cheney, Glenn Beck. 💩

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And that’s not all! The Booksmith is also reducing the amount of books it orders from Simon & Schuster by 50 percent. The bookshop considered boycotting the publishing company altogether, but it didn’t want to unjustly punish local authors who happened to have publishing contracts with S&S.The Booksmith SF Bookshop“While we respect Simon’s decision to publish any book, we reserve the right to allocate our discretionary inventory dollars with publishers who act with ethical & moral standards consistent with our own,” The Booksmith wrote on its Facebook page. 🔥

Whatever profit The Booksmith makes from S&S titles will be donated to the ACLU. Talk about making a statement. 👏

“Because of the importance of democracy of information, a lot of people were really against a knee-jerk boycott, which makes total sense being in the industry that we’re in,” The Booksmith’s manager and events director Amy Stephenson told SFWeekly.The Booksmith SF Bookshop“The reason we chose the route that we chose was specifically because it’s not censorship,” Stephenson added. “What a lot of people don’t understand is, in a way this decision is the same decision we make every single day, 100 times a day, about what books we’re going to put on our shelves and how we’re going to allocate the limited resources we have to buying books. We’re making the same decision we always make, just making it louder — and hoping that other people hear what we’re saying.”

Oh, we hear it loud and clear. Read The Booksmith’s full statement on Facebook.

Featured Photo: The Booksmith’s Facebook

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