“I can picture a place where everybody feels it too / It might be fiction but I’m seeing ahead”

The xx makes the most triumphant of returns with “On Hold,” and I couldn’t think of a better track to start things off. Next is the dreamy “Utopia” by Austra. I first fell in love with this band Toronto-based band when I saw them live at the Stargayzer queer music festival in Austin. So, I was thrilled to see that they are gearing up for a new album, Future Politics.

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What follows is the equally-epic “Agua” by Colombia-born, Toronto-based artist Lido Pimienta. And it’s not the only Spanish track in this volume. “Roja” is as hypnotic as Mexico City, the city where Pønce is from.

The xx is not the only former love to make an appearance. The rest of the volume is jammed-packed with all-time faves like Solange, Sleigh Bells, Justice, Tinashe, Phantogram, Junior Boys, and even Daft Punk via their new collaboration with The Weeknd. There are new loves, too, like Sampha and Kaytranada. While Zebra Katz and Rob B prove that gay rappers can sound as different as night and day.

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THE XX – “On Hold”
AUSTRA – “Utopia”
SLEIGH BELLS – “I Can Only Stare”
PØNCE – “Roja” (Feat. Man of Many)
SAMPHA – “Blood on Me”
SOLANGE – “Don’t Wish Me Well”
JUSTICE – “Randy”
JUNIOR BOYS – “Kiss Me All Night”
ZEBRA KATZ – “Hello Hi” (Feat. Bosco)
PHANTOGRAM – “Calling All”
KAYTRANADA – “Bullets” (Feat. Little Dragon)
TINASHE – “Company”
ROB B – “Block to Block” (Feat. Solomon Ray & Flykingi)
THE WEEKND – “Starboy” (Feat. Daft Punk)

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