This post is a branded collaboration sponsored by FAST Hangoverfirst-aid-shot-therapy-fast-hangoverWe tend to get really excited whenever Halloween falls on a Friday or Saturday. This year, however, Halloween takes place on a Monday, but that’s no reason to stay home. After all, it can be equally (if not more) exciting to celebrate all weekend-long leading up to Halloween. As long as you gear up properly and give yourself what you need to recuperate so you can keep the party going. Plus, a full weekend of Halloween festivities means that you get to show off your costume more than once, or for the ambitious folks, choose a different costume to wear every time you go out.

Below are a few party ideas for making the most out of a long Halloween weekend. Just make sure to have FAST Hangover shots handy so you can have one hell of a time without feeling dreadful the morning after. This medically-proven liquid therapy will bring you back to life so you don’t have to deal with a monster hangover.

Friday – Go big or go home

Kick-off your #Halloweekend with a giant party at a massive warehouse, a giant nightclub or even on a cruise boat. You may be thinking, isn’t Friday a bit premature to start off with a bang? Not if you have FAST. Eliminating the possibility of a hangover means it’s never too early to go big or go home. Search on Songkick to see if any hot bands are playing that night. Eventbrite and Ticketfly are also good options for discovering big Halloween parties. For example, one year we went to see the Flaming Lips (featured image above) and last year we went to see Grimes. Afterwards, we went to A Club Called Rhonda, a big, sexy dance party.

Saturday – Crash a house party

People who throw Halloween parties tend to have them on Saturdays because it gives them more time to get the kegs, decorate the house, and put on their costume. If you’re not having a Halloween party, don’t fret. Chances are you know someone who knows someone who knows someone who is. If you haven’t heard of any Halloween house parties yet, the best source definitely Facebook. In fact, there’s even a new Facebook Events app designed specifically for helping you find events that your friends are into. Halloween house parties are one of our favorite things to do. They are just more conducive to meeting new people and you don’t have to worry about rude bouncers, overpriced drinks or last call.

Sunday –  Boozy brunch and movie time

Any other weekend, Sunday would be a time to relax and recuperate. But this is no ordinary weekend, it’s #Halloweekend. So, there’s no better time to partake in Sunday-Funday, that epic tradition of day-drinking in the final stretch with complete disregard for the hellish Monday that’s to come. The Sunday right before Halloween presents the perfect opportunity for a boozy brunch where everyone dresses up. Marilyn Monroe will have another mimosa! Halloween Sunday is also a great time to watch a scary movie with friends and play a drinking game. But go for a classic like the original Halloween or Carrie. They just don’t make scary movies like they used to.

Monday – One last hurrah!

Happy Halloween! Can you think of anything scarier than having to go to work on a Monday? Luckily, taking a FAST shot will get rid of your hangover, so you can celebrate Halloween on October 31 just like it was intended. On Halloween night don’t be afraid to go a little mellow. It is a Monday, after all. How about checking out your favorite dive bar or a chill cocktail lounge? For example, the Knockout in San Francisco’s Mission District is having a “Scary-oke” party. This brilliant idea means you can sing karaoke in character if your costume is of Madonna, Michael Jackson or David Bowie.Halloween FAST HangoverFAST (First Aid Shot Therapy) is available on and 10,000 outlets nationwide, including my corner store on Duboce and 14th.

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