To gain entry into one of these super-exclusive private clubs, you’ll need a hefty bank account, family or friends in very high places, or the type of power or influence that money can’t buy. Or… you can simply get on Instagram. No special key required.

Ever since Instagram revamped its Explore tab to include geo-tagged locations instead of just accounts and hashtags, it’s been easier to get a sneak peek inside some of the most prestigious private clubs in the world. Places that were once strictly members-only.

Thanks to Instagram, we can now go past the entrance and get a closer look at what goes on in these social hotspots. No need to fill out an application, ask your rich friend for a recommendation, or sell your firstborn to the Illuminati. Below are some private clubs that are letting their members post all over Instagram. What do you think? Are they worth the hype?

Silencio in Paris

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The brainchild of director David Lynch, Silencio is a lush and intimate club in the 2nd Arrondisement with a live music stage, a screening room, a lounge and a dancefloor. Before midnight, members get to listen to up-and-coming musicians, watch films or have cultural discussions with high-profile artists and creative heavyweights. After midnight, Silencio opens up to non-members and the space fills up with black-clad fashionistas on Adderall. If the Paris space is not exclusive enough for you, last year Lynch and company retreated to Maison de l’Aiguebrun in the French countryside for a summer full of music, pool parties and wine tastings.

Norwood in New York

The Chelsea Hotel may be gone, but thankfully there’s a nearby address for the art and creative glitterati to congregate in New York City. A “home for the curious,” Norwood is housed in a five-story building on West 14th Street built in 1845. Each floor is decorared based on a different theme by Simon Costin who used to create the backdrops for Alexander McQueen’s fashion shows. With three restaurants, three bars including a courtyard garden and rooftop terrace, Members come here to listen to live jazz, rub shoulders with Emily Blunt, or talk about how cooler this place is than any Soho House.

Annabel’s in London

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From Frank Sinatra to Mick Jagger to Lady Gaga, this lavish private club has been welcoming famous faces since 1963. Annabel’s also houses the posh Mayfair bar and restaurant, and membership here will also get you inside other exclusive private clubs all over the world, including Kee Club in Hong Kong (more info below). But beware: Annabel’s has strict rules, from a dress code that does not even permit leather to no drinking on the dancefloor. Men have to keep on their jackets at all times and smartphones have to be stored with the cloakroom attendant. It can still be fun, right?

Kee Club in Hong Kong

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There are some private club experiences that can’t be replicated by some Instagram stalking, of course. The dim sum lunches at Kee Club in Hong Kong is one of those experiences, one that has attracted famous foodies like Gwyneth Paltrow. Besides lunch at the Kee Club dining room, members can have cocktails with friends in the 1950s-style lounge or come see art exhibitis, fashion shows and other member-only events. Kee Club also has a sister property in Shanghai.

The Clubhouse in Buenos Aires

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An urban oasis in Buenos Aires’ chic Palermo neighborhood, The Clubhouse is a four-story house with a lounge, a terrace, an outdoor fireplace, two bars, and a pool shaded by ivy-covered walls. Unlike other private clubs, The Clubhouse has a more relaxed ambience. For example, there’s no dress code and poolside events attract mostly younger people, making it a local hotspot. Travelers can book one of the house’s three guest suites and stay here overnight, however, even if they’re non-members, giving The Clubhouse an international flair.

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