Halloween is the only time of the year when gay guys can dress slutty and get away with it. Which I think is about the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. You should be able to get away with dressing slutty every night if you want to. It’s your goddamn prerogative.

It’s October, which means we’re bound to get bombarded by those bitchy comments about gay guys in slutty Halloween costumes, and I say, who the fuck gives a fuck? Dress like a slut. Go to a party totally naked and just wearing a werewolf mask. If you’ve got a hot bod, flaunt it. If anyone gives you shit for only wearing an eyepatch as underwear, it’s because they’re jealous they ain’t got your abs, your pecks or your biceps. Don’t let them shit on your festivities with their insecurity. Here are a ton more slutty Halloween costume ideas (some are NSFW because porn stars love Halloween):

Photos: Halloween Hunks