Does your dick need a personal trainer? These “smart shorts” were designed to help you work-out your pelvic muscles, which in turn can lead to a much-better performance in the bedroom. 🍆

The pelvic floor is probably one of the most important muscles in a man’s body. Not only does it correlate with harder, longer-lasting erections and more intense ejaculations, but a strong pelvic floor is also key to good prostate and urinary health, as well as to prevent erectile dysfunction even as you age.

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Yet, the pelvic floor is one of the hardest muscles to work out. That’s why the VylyV shorts have been designed to help men get the daily pelvic floor training they deserve. Think of them as kegel exercises for men.

These smart shorts have special sensors embedded around the crotch area so that they can track your pelvic floor exercises. That data is collected wirelessly by your phone, so that you can get visual guidance on how to do the exercises properly, monitor your training as you go along and get motivation to reach the next level.

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Training your pelvic floor with the VylyV shorts promises to increase your libido and stamina, as well as give you harder boners and more powerful ejaculations. You may even reach the holy grail of sexy time: multiple orgasms for men. The VylyV app can even create a customized workout routine for you as you embark on your journey to become a sex master.

The VylyV shorts were successfully funded on Indiegogo where you can still get a pair for $186. They are expected to ship out in December, just in time for those very special stocking stuffers.

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