This post is a branded collaboration sponsored by FAST Hangoverfirst-aid-shot-therapy-fast-hangoverSummers in San Francisco are typically foggy and chilly. So, the fact that October tends to be one of the warmest months of the year also makes it the coolest. Shamelessly sunny days lead to fiery sunsets and even-more fiery nights, so it’s no surprise that October in San Francisco means street fairs, blowout parties and music festivals like Treasure Island happening this weekend.

Treasure Island Music Festival is turning ten years old this month. I’ve been going since it was only two, back when MGMT were considered headliners. And boy, do I have some wisdom to share – from how to plan, what to bring and how to survive it all without a hangover the morning after.

This tested intel will also apply to folks who have Coachella, Lollapalooza, or Bonnaroo on their to-do list. So listen up! Here’s your music festival survival guide.

Download the music festival app

Most major music festivals will have a mobile app, for both iOS and Android, that will show a map of the festival grounds, the lineup and other important notifications. Think of it as having a personal information desk at your fingertips. Install the festival app on your phone a few days before the music festival. That way, you can be prepared and learn all the in’s and out’s (literally). Check if the festival app lets you download the map and schedule locally to your phone, so you can access it even if your cell connection is spotty.

Customize your schedule, but be open to surprises

The best thing about a festival app (aside from the fact that it might help you find the nearest porta-potty in the case of an emergency) is that it lets you customize a schedule based on the lineup. This way, you will always know at what time and at which stage a band is playing. My suggestion is that you add to your schedule every artist and band that piques your interest. You never know what might happen, so it’s always good to have options and back-up plans.

Pick a meeting spot

Another thing that most music festivals have in common is that they’re crazy-huge. If you’re at a music festival with a big group, you are going to get separated. That’s pretty much a fact. Before everyone goes off on their merry way, pick a meeting spot that’s easy to find. At Treasure Island, for example, there’s a giant Ferris wheel. Other festivals have larger-than-life art installations that make for good meeting spots. If you’re meeting near a stage, pick a giant speaker or the sound booth so that it’s easier for everyone to regroup.

Extend your battery life

I’ve just realized that a lot of these tips involve relying on your phone, whether it’s figuring out the schedule or trying to meet up with friends. And… well, they won’t be of much service if your phone is dead. Music festivals can be very draining, not only on you (drink water!) but on your phone’s battery life. Look into bringing an external battery, whether in the form of a battery case that attaches to your phone or even a backpack with a built-in battery.

Take FAST Hangover and #CarryOn

Let’s be real, you’re going to be drinking. And the only thing that’s not awesome about music festivals, is the way you’re probably going to feel the morning after. Especially if it happens to be a Monday. I’ve taken a FAST Hangover shot to recover and be in better shape after a world-class level hangover. This liquid medicine was developed by real doctors, and it’s got a proven pain reliever to quickly get rid of your headache or muscle pain, plus a boost of caffeine to improve alertness and give you energy to take on the day.
FAST (First Aid Shot Therapy) is available on and 10,000 outlets nationwide, including my corner store on Duboce and 14th.First Aid Therapy Shots FAST Hangover This post is sponsored by FAST Hangover. Our branded collaborations only feature products and services we genuinely love and believe you will love, too. All opinions are entirely our own.

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