Only Tom Ford could look at a guy hot enough to be on the cover of GQ and say straight to his face “eh, you could use some work.”Tom FordThe world’s best-dressed man gave “real” men a style makeover of a lifetime, in essence turning them from super-cute to drop-dead-gorgeous. Call it the Tom Ford touch. GQ magazine captured the iconic designer “fixing” these guys up for a fashion web series called “The Upgrade.”

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From trimming their eyebrows to putting on some lip balm, Tom was über-meticulous during his styling sessions. Let’s just say that not one nose hair was left unplucked. And, the designer did not beat around the bush, either. He was brutally honest when critiquing these men, even the ones with movie star looks and perfect bone structures.

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Watch the entire web-series below, and check out some of the bitchiest things Tom Ford had to say about the guys.

On Toby: “He’s quite big, it’s going to make him look bigger.”

On Lee: “He’s 29 years-old and he’s still dressing like he’s in the sixth grade.”

On Joel: “He came in a bright blue suit that no one should ever wear… For a minute, I thought we were in the San Fernando Valley shooting a porn in 1979 and Julianne Moore was about to walk through the door.”

On Fello: “He hasn’t been exfoliated since he was born.”

On Jeffrey: “He matched his shoe-strings to his shirt, as I recall.”

On Ale: “His lips were completely destroyed from not moisturizing.”

On David: “It’s the premature grey hair that [makes him look older]. And the wrinkling around the eyes.”

On Konrad: “His hair was so oily. I need hand disinfectant and a towel.”


  1. Please do this with a middle age man, that has a bit of a belly and a non-symmetrical face. [OK fine, me. ha ha ha]
    I admittedly have no style, as the major brands in my closet are Under Armour and Carhartt. I have a 34 year career in tech, but at age 50 I’m at a crossover point in my career to more management oriented roles. It’s confusing because tech is all about comfort dress, but yet those expectations are very different for top tier roles and I’m finding the transition more than difficult.