Your Avengers fantasy is about to become a reality thanks to these superhero sex toys.

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The latest installment of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Captain America: Civil War, is out now on DVD and on iTunes. Which means that you can finally watch Iron Man, Thor, the Hulk and the rest of the super-hunks from the comfort of your own home.Superhero Sex ToysIf you’re looking to get more intimate with one (or all) of the Avengers, check out this line of superhero sex toys. Because, of course, you want to see a Hulk-shaped, 12-inch dildo.Superhero Sex ToysThere’s even something for the ladies, a Black Widow-inspired clit stimulator. But… sorry to burst your superhero fantasy, these vibrators are in fact not real. And we can’t imagine Marvel’s parent company, Disney, would ever sanction such naughty products. These superhero sex toys are actually the work of graphic designer, Balazs Sarmai, who shared the concept on Tumblr.

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Here’s more details about each supercharged dildo:

  • Captain America – silicone vibrator
  • Iron Man – twin motor vibrator
  • Thor – electrical stimulator
  • Hulk – 12” silicone dildo
  • Black Widow – discreet clitoral stimulator
  • Hawkeye – G-spot vibrator