Think Apple makes the most expensive iPhones? Well, what if we told you there’s an iPhone made out of real rose gold?

Although Apple won’t unveil its new iPhone 7 until next week, you can pre-order yours now… if you want it to be plated with 24-Karat gold and encrusted with diamonds. High-end accessory makers have started taking pre-orders for custom-made versions of the newest iPhone that are ultra-luxe and ridiculously-expensive.

David Beckham and Justin Bieber are big fans, rocking their gold-plated, diamond-studded iPhones wherever they go. Here are a few recent options timed to Apple’s unveiling, so you can fantasize about what it would be like to own one of the world’s most expensive iPhones.

Brikk’s Lux iPhone 7

Most Expensive iPhones

Want to rock an iPhone that’s plated in real 18-karat rose gold? Brikk’s Lux iPhone 7 can deliver just that. You can also get it plated in yellow gold (like the Biebs) or in platinum. Brikk sells these custom-made iPhones for $4,995, but they can cost upwards of $1.3 million depending on how many diamonds you want. If you get to that price range, the Lux iPhone will be delivered in a Zero Halliburton case to make you feel even more like a James Bond villain.

Legend’s iPhone 7 Momentum

Most Expensive iPhones

Now here’s an iPhone fit for a king. Or, a Roman emperor. Handmade in Helsinki by Legend, the Momentum iPhone 7 has an actual ruby stone as its signature feature, placed by a master jeweler. In addition, you can choose to plate your Momentum iPhone with 24-karat gold or crocodile leather. Or both! Legend sells these custom pre-orders starting at $3,800, but last year’s Momentum Diamond Edition cost $15,000. Those extra diamonds sure add up.

GoldGenie’s iPhone 7 Diamond RockStar

Baby, you’re a rockstar and you have the diamond-studded iPhone 7 to prove it. London-based GoldGenie has sold custom creations to David Beckham and P. Diddy, and now they’re offering an iPhone 7 Diamond RockStar edition plated in 24-karat gold. The starting price is about $13,000. It may seem like a pretty penny, but it’s actually spare change when you consider that GoldGenie made an even more blinged-out version of an iPhone 6 called Diamond Ecstasy. That retailed for about $3.5 million.

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