To one lucky fella, we can definitely say that Frank Ocean is thinkin bout you.

The Grammy-winning artist released two long-awaited albums within 48 hours last week, the visual film Endless and the more-traditional Blonde. But those weren’t the only gifts we got from the enigmatic singer-songwriter who loves pushing the boundaries.In addition to all the new music, Frank launched a magazine titled, Boys Don’t Cry, with original photography and contributions from Kanye West, A$AP Rocky and other friends. But the most notable contribution in Boys Don’t Cry comes from Frank himself.

In the magazine, Frank published his poem titled “Boyfriend,” about “the only one.” Equally powerful and adorable, the poem takes us back to June 2015 when the Supreme Court legalized same-sex marriage nationwide.“They let me and my boyfriend become married,” Frank Ocean writes, before adding how him and his boyfriend “have it going on” sleeping in t-shirts with their legs strewn across each other’s laps.

This is not the first time that Frank Ocean has opened up about a special same-sex relationship. In 2012, the singer confessed to having previously fallen in love with a man. Earlier this summer, he also wrote an emotional essay following the Orlando tragedy.“I read in the paper that my brothers are being thrown from rooftops blindfolded with their hands tied behind their backs for violating sharia law,” Frank wrote. In the essay, the singer includes himself as part of the LGBT community in its collective desire for marriage equality and using the “correct restroom.”

Originally, Boys Don’t Cry was expected at various Apple Stores, but it turned out to be available in just four pop-up shops in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and London. If you weren’t able to score a copy of the magazine, below is Frank Ocean’s “Boyfriend” poem, as well as a few photos that appeared exclusively in Boys Don’t Cry.

“Boyfriend” by Frank Ocean

my boyfriend drives a lil bucket
when it rain it fills up with rain
my boyfriend he gon pick me up
don’t distract him at the wheel
in his lane
he’s the only one

my boyfriend he misses me when i’m gone
so he don’t forget me
there’s a song he sings
calms his nerve, endings
my boyfriend is friendly
and we don’t want no problems

i could say that i’m happy
they let me and my boyfriend become married
i could say that i’m happy
but cross my heart i didn’t notice
hope to die no never, we voted
me and my boyfriend cast our ballot
every kiss reads like a poem
making wrongs right like a poem

i couldn’t say i dream of you
because my dreams are filled with no one
and all is lost
me and my boyfriend we found
we don’t hope for beyonds at all
me and my boyfriend spend time
and that’s all i’m holding on
this time

we got permission
nothing’s above condition
but this ain’t a thang
it’s a mission

can’t join the band so sing along
me and my boyfriend got it going on
sleep with fans and t shirts on
asleep in vans your legs all strewn
across my lap
tan lines where your watch was strapped
you took off to make time

cut your hair
you left it long
i love to stare
there’s nothing wrong
and if i die while i’m asleep
i pray to God my boyfriend
keeps my secret

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