There’s no shame in being a gay Republican. Unfortunately, there is some shame in having attended this Trump party at the Republican National Convention hosted by gay Islamophobes. 😒

Ironically named Wake Up, the event was put on by ultra-conservative groups under the pretense of rallying together against “radical Islam” after Orlando. Yup, it was basically a divisive and misguided hate-fest, or as the Gays for Trump called it, “the most fab party at the RNC.”

From the Eventbrite page: “If you’re like us, the massacre in Orlando last month was a giant wake-up call. As gay Americans, we could no longer stay silent about a barbaric ideology that wants us dead and that actively threatens the freedoms of all Americans.”

Um, if Orlando can serve as a wake-up call, it’s for stricter gun laws in this country. Instead, the headliner speaker at the gay Republican event, Milo Yiannopoulos, wore a bulletproof vest which he promptly removed to reveal an equally-tacky tank-top with a rainbow and the phrase, “We Shoot Back.”

A little backstory about Milo: He is a gay Breitbart columnist who instigated Gamergate, believes that having gay rights has actually “made us dumber” and has just been banned from Twitter for trolling actress Leslie Jones this week. What a catch. 😷

The other speaker was Pamela Geller, who heads up an anti-Islamic organization. Ann Coulter was supposed to show, but she bailed because this shit was too outrageous even for her, apparently. There seems to have been no sign of Peter Thiel.

The event featured “art” by photographer Lucian Wintrich. His Twinks for Trump series is as self-explanatory as it is rudimentary: White young boys wearing only “Make America Great Again” hats. Broadly’s Mitch Sunderland volunteered as tribute to cover the event. Here’s what Lucian told him:

“I wanted for a while to combine my love of twinks with my love of politics and Donald Trump… He’s the father figure that America is waiting for to lead us into the next phase of American exceptionalism.”

Considering the controversial speakers, the tasteless messaging and the eye-roll-inducing “art,” this event seems to have been engineered to draw media attention – the trolls’ ultimate artform. And in fact, Rolling Stone confirmed that 40 percent of the attendees were journalists. Well, consider the bait taken. 🎣

The Wake-Up event had a group of protesters outside with signs that read “Queers Against Racism.”


  1. Carlito234

    Wow, I dont think some of you are in any position to be calling anybody “hateful”. I don’t have to be a Republican to appreciate the fact the Milo lampoons the REGRESSIVE Left, which these days is sometimes WELL DESERVED. “Islamophobia” is a word created by FASCISTS and used by COWARDS to manipulate MORON’S. Do you guys know what these Islamists are doing to gay people? Try LISTENING to what he says instead of believing all this leftist propaganda. We have greater enemies in this world than our own Western “right wing” and we better figure that out before this is taken from us. Milo makes some VERY good points and tho he uses much snark to make his point, he is anything but “hateful”.

  2. Heywood Jablowme

    Carlito234, please do us all a favor and suck on the business end of a sawed off shotgun

  3. Also, what the hell was Yiannopoulos even doing there? He’s not even American. It’s kind of sad that even the Republican Party’s ultra-right-wing gay posterboy has to be outsourced from overseas.

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