Gay Christmas is here! And what better way to commemorate Pride season than by drooling over some hot photos from Los Angeles Gay Pride, one of the biggest Pride celebrations in the world with some of the finest studs taking off their shirts and strutting down the streets, all in the name of equality.

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But this is L.A. Pride like you’ve never seen it before. Photographer Alan Light has been attending the Los Angeles LGBT Pride parade since the late 80’s and lucky for us, he had his camera by his side, documenting the sun-tanned, muscled-up, Reagan-hating era in vivid detail.

Check out some of our favorite shots we discovered from Alan’s treasure trove of photos of L.A. Gay Pride 1987-1995. The Mel Gibson obsession and the ripped up, white denim bootie shorts may be outdated now, but being out and proud never goes out of style.

Los Angeles Gay Pride 1987

Los Angeles Gay Pride 1988

Los Angeles Gay Pride 1990

Los Angeles Gay Pride 1991

Los Angeles Gay Pride 1993

Los Angeles Gay Pride 1995

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