Calvin Harris.



Zac Efron?

That’s right: there’s a new hot DJ in town.

Zac Efron is in a new movie, We Are Your Friends, the title taken from that brilliant song by Justice and Simian. In the flick, Zac, more commonly known as a male specimen a “gay guy designed in a laboratory,” plays an up-and-coming DJ who loves to hang out shirtless — whether it’s at a beach party or behind the DJ booth. According to the movie’s director, Catfish‘s Max Joseph, we’ll get to see our buddy Zac show off his hot bod. Not once, not twice, but three times!

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“There are maybe three times he’s shirtless, and you get a good dose of it,” Max told E! News, adding that he was afraid there would be “riots” if he kept Zac completely clothed for the entire movie. Good call. The director also said that one of those sexy, shirtless scenes will be a slow motion shower scene. Can someone please pass us the cum rag already?

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We Are Your Friends also has a scene where we see Zac hanging out at the beach, smoking a joint, wearing silly boxers with marijuana leaves on them and taking off his super cute tank top during magic hour. The most magical thing of all is that we have some images of that shirtless scene to tie us over until the movie comes out this summer.

Photos: Celebuzz, JustJared