Murray Barlett
Javier Bardem (view more sexy photos of Javier here)
Freddie Prinze Jr.
Dirk Caber
Idris Elba
Jason Statham (view more sexy photos of Jason here)
Ricky Martin
Daniel Craig
Colton Ford
Joey Lawrence
David Gandy
Anderson Cooper
Tommy Tucker
Cheyenne Jackson
Farhad Z
Tuc Watkins
 Tom Ford


  1. Alexander Stream

    Come on, show some real DILFs and not these ~35 year olds with perfect abs. A DILF to me is someone with salt & pepper hair, chiseled face, preferably a beard, a hairy body, and maybe even a nice belly 🙂

    • Oscar Raymundo

      dilfhood is not about having a certain look, it’s an attitude

    • Oscar Raymundo

      No, daddy dilfs are a gay niche, does not refer necessarily to having offspring.