Whether you believe the recent allegations of sexual assault against director Bryan Singer or you are a die-hard fan of what the man has done with the new cinematic adaptations of the X-Men saga, one thing is true: Singer sure loved them pool parties.

And who can blame him? I only hope to have gorgeous naked men dipping in my Hollywood home pool in my twilight years as my graceful husband is serving St. Germain cocktails for all of us at the cabana bar.

Photographer Tom Bianchi is no stranger to such aesthetically pleasing scenarios. He captured a load of them in Fire Island and below at a private pool party. Scenarios Bryan Singer can only envision in his wet dreams.

Mortals like us, who were not in our prime in 1991 or otherwise never invited to a Singer’s escapades poolside, can revel in these images in Bianchi’s photo book, Out of the Studio.

“I think exhibitionism is a healthy thing,” Bianchi told The Fader last year. “If you have high self-regard, play with yourself, put yourself out there. You’ll be so much more free and healthy for it. I’ve always said you have to find something that you think is a little scary and you’re not sure you would be comfortable doing it, and then that’s the cliff you throw yourself off. What’s the downside? Well, maybe you get more dates on Saturday night. And smile while you’re doing it.”

p.s. Looking for more Bianchi shots for the Instagram generation? His newest book, Fire Island Polaroids is now available.

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