First introduced in 1957 and popularized in 1968 by style icon Steve McQueen in The Thomas Crown Affair, these Persol shades became an instant must-have for the “King of Cool” and his loyal subjects. Now, us wannabes can recapture a piece of old Hollywood allure. The famed Italian sunglasses brand has re-issued the limited-edition Persol Sunglasses 714, this time with an added “SM” added to the name to commemorate the actor.


020 Steve MqQueen_Lifestyle


Today’s actors are following in McQueen’s shadow and continue to make a cinematic impression with their stylish shades selection. Take for example Michael Fassbender, who wore these retro-bold sunglasses by Cutler and Gross during the 2013 film, The Counselor. These 1057 model are part of the brand’s “Hong Kong Motorcycle Club” collection, now available for purchase.




Clearly McQueen was not afraid to go with an unconventional color for his shades. If you want to modernize the vintage Persol style, check out these reflective, colored Illesteva shades. They are a little cheaper than the official Persol re-issue and the Illesteva shades above, but that’s probably because an actor has not worn them out in public yet.


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