Tell me it’s not a dream to wake up every morning to a hot cup of coffee being served to you by a hunky, tall glass of water. Wait, you can’t picture that? How about this for visual stimulation?


Or maybe something like this?


Well, if you live in Spokane, Washington you won’t have to resort to to fulfill this latte love fantasy. On Valentine’s Day, Chris Mullins opened up his coffee shop appropriately named Hot Cup of Joe. It’s the first to employ all-male, shirtless baristas. San Francisco denizens already have experienced a taste of this steamy display at Four Barrel’s coffee-making competition back in 2012, but unfortunately it was only a one-time affair.

“This is something the women have been crying out for for a while,” Mullins said about his troupe of bare-chested baristas. What about the gays, eh? It just seems silly in today’s age to attribute all the public male objectification to the ladies. Hot Cup of Joe plans to keep customers coming back by eventually having these shirtless baristas foaming your milk in only their “cute, classy underwear.” May we suggest tighty whities?

Recently, coffee shops featuring female bikini-clad baristas have been courting controversy in Washington. With the grand opening of Hot Cup of Joe, coffee with room for sexual objectification is now an egalitarian pursuit.


  1. Please come to Iowa!!!!! We need cute guys as baristas here!!!

  2. This is good and long over due. This would be great to have locally. What’s good for the goose is good for the gander!!!