Burning Man Introduces Bliss Dance’s Sister

'Truth Is Beauty' is the second part of the installation art depicting the female body

Truth Is Beauty, a 55-feet tall steel sculpture by Marco Cochrane, was the belle of the ball at this year’s Burning Man festival. In 2010, it was her sister, Bliss Dance, that garnered the festival-goers attention. Bliss Dance, the Facebook-censored beacon of female empowerment, eventually settled in San Francisco, looming over the tiny quaint Patricia’s Green in Hayes Valley before enjoying a permanent stay enjoying the sunsets in Treasure Island.

The continuation, Truth Is Beauty, is decorated in interactive lighting and has yet to find a permanent resting place.

Photographer Ben Canales, who took the featured photo above, tells My Modern Met about his first encounter with Truth Is Beauty at Burning Man:

This giant metal mesh sculpture of a woman freely dancing out on the Playa floor continuously changed as the weather, light, and people moved around it. The natural grace of the feminine body. She is fully herself.

Canales then shares the intent of Cochrane’s colossal installations:

The inspiration behind the piece comes from the artist wanting a world where women can feel and truly be safe and free of sexual harm from predators. In his sculpted world, we’re all the better for 50% of our population not living in fear of letting their guard down or going/doing/being something that is frowned on simply from being a woman.

More photos of Truth Is Beauty below.

Woman Works On The Truth is Beauty Sculpture by Duncan Rawlinson

The Lady Soars by Trey Ratcliff

The Temple Burns after the Man by Trey Ratcliff

Photos: My Modern Met

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