On Saturday September 21, Jake Shears had quite the kiki.

The flamboyant lead singer of the Scissors Sisters invited his closest friends to celebrate his birthday in his newly-purchased home in the hip Los Angeles area bordering Los Feliz and Silverlake.

Jake, whose close friends (aka Cher) refer to as Jason, and his husband filmmaker Chris Moukarbel (director of Chris Crocker’s Me at the Zoo documentary) bought the William Kesling 3-bedroom home for $1.92 earlier this month.

To celebrate his upcoming birthday in October, Shears christened the new mansion (a once and for-sure-future party den for L.A. gays) with a disco bash featuring a foam pit in the backyard. The party was titled Monkey Island.

Guests, including musicians Moby, Sam Sparro and Grizzly Bear’s Ed Droste, shook their bodies, presumably as if they were inside a laundry machine.

Monkey Island featured DJs sets from Tommie Sunshine, Whitney Fierce and Scooter McCreight (whom I interviewed last year).

Jake Shears turns 35 on October 3.

Time to get soapy.

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