In this installment of Take It from Me, we feature advice taken from a video interview that Janelle Monae did with NME last month. The quirky Monae gets serious talking about sexism in the music industry and not allowing herself to be oppressed or controlled.

I’ve always admired Janelle for her fearless pursuit to make music and present herself under her own terms, that is the true definition of empowerment. Talking about setting up a better system for female artists to remain in control of their creative output, she said:

By owning my own recording label and being the lead creative on everything that you see I have to make sure that that’s preserved.. I wear dresses, you’ll see me in heels… but I had a bigger message, and it was to redefine and almost in a sense rebel against sexism. When I’m ready to do those things (wear dresses and heels) I’ll do them. It won’t be because it’s a law that women have to look this way or you’re an R&B singer, you’re a black girl singing, you have to dress this way and sing about these things.

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