Modern Typewriters: Reinventing a Writer’s Best Friend

Vintage typerwriters have been a recent fascination as of late, especially for writers. These machines not only bring up a pre-digital nostalgia but also play with our remembrance of an era gone by when writers were important figures in the cultural landscape and there was such thing as a “literary genius.”

Flavorwire had it right when they wrote:

After all, there’s something impossibly gorgeous about a typewriter – maybe it’s the vintage charm, maybe it’s the physicality the noisy machine lends to the writing process, but people (and you can count us among them) go mad for typewriters.

Now artists, product designers and companies are doing a modern take on the iconic typewriter. UK craft artist Jennifer Collier recently unveiled her collection of devices made entirely out of paper, cardboard and newsprint. The paper typewriter pictured above and below is a standout.


Here are other contemporary takes on typewriters, made out of non-traditional materials.

Soft Typewriter by Claes Oldenburg

Lego typewriter

Glass and gold typewriter.

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