True, I don’t own a motorcycle or a vespa, not even a goddamn bike. But that doesn’t mean I can’t appreciate a stylish helmet when I see one. Or wear one to a nightclub (photo below). When we were kids, our instinct was to forgo wearing helmets since following the rules and protecting our heads was just… well, kind of dorky. Recklessness was cool, and helmet hair is a bitch.

In recent years, however, helmets have been taken out of the driveways and into the runway. Today several designers have proved that helmets can ensure your safety without compromising your sense of style.

Les Ateliers Ruby: These motorcycle helmets designed by Jerome Coste are inspired by Alexander McQueen, retro science fiction and effortless Parisian luxury. The high-end helmet maker is so widely recognized that when Karl Lagerfeld decided to incorporate helmets in his collection, he teamed up with Ateliers Ruby.

Karl Lagerfeld: In 2009 Lagerfeld ushered the era of the “it” helmet by sending models down the runway wearing Ateliers Ruby helmets with built-in iPod headphones. Lagerfeld explained that these haute helmets sprung out of the recession forcing women to resort to riding scooters… or the Chanel Segway? Obviously, Karl is not too familiar with the actual needs of women affected by a slow economy.

Giles Deacon: The British fashion designer was less deluded when he presented these oversized helmets during London Fashion Week in 2008. The Pac-Man-like capsules show a more fun-loving side to wearing eye-catching head gear.

Fiat & Vogue Italia: A year after the Lagerfeld helmets hit the runway, the carmaker and fashion magazine teamed up to sponsor a contest promoting the creation of fashionable helmets. They invited designers from all over the world to make their own custom helmet (presumably to wear while driving a Fiat 500). Jumping on another trend, the design also had to be eco-friendly.

Lacoste: Vogue and Fiat weren’t the only companies interested in eco-friendly helmet design. Kyle J. Ferguson made the above concept helmet for Lacoste entirely out of sustainable materials like organic wool, bio-plastic, cork and soy-based foam.

Egg: In case you want to put your helmet design skills to the test, Egg sells highly-customizable helmets. Pick the type of helmet, the color and skin design then spice it up with add-ons like a cute suncap, a princess crown, a mohawk or devil horns.

Here is said photo of me getting ready to start partying for my 25th birthday bash. Little lesson: wear a helmet to a nightclub if you want to a.) get quickly disoriented, b.) get drunker, c.) hear just the bass, d.) all of the above. This year maybe I’ll just wear this:

Or maybe just bring a helmet keychain:

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