How does one photographer go about getting his work noticed on Tumblr? By taking off all his clothes, of course, and posing for cinematic self-portraits. Penniless Photographer has moved on from exposing his gloriously nude body glow, but you can still check out the archives here.


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    Very interesting shots in his portfolio. Nudity isn’t used as a shock tactic here and, instead, is embraced in its full artistic glory as the photographer basks in various natural environments.

    Also, as the internet knows only too well, nudity often gets you noticed, be it in a positive or negative way.

  2. It is nice to see you posted these images.
    Just to clarify! I did not take my photographs to get attention on tumblr.
    I’m penniless photographer. I did not create these images to get attention.
    I’m an artist-photographer. These are one my portfolios.
    They represent my immigration battles when I moved to NYC.
    The reason was I was nude in these images to give the feeling I had been vulnerable, lonely and scared when I had moved to NYC. The light in these images represented the HOPE to survive in the big city. Most of them I was wearing hat.
    Also not every nude image or painting are done for attention. Nude is big part of art history.
    I did not abandoned my nude/ immigration portfolio. I currently live in NYC. It is freezing here so I’m waiting Spring comes to continue my photography project. I will also gallery exhibition for this project during summer. Hope! You will visit and buy one…

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