John Waters is infamous for not having sex with people without books without books. And it’s an interesting proposition. After all, there is great feeling of pride that comes when cultivating a collection of good books. The appreciation grows when we beautifully display these books for others to see and to get inspired by the works that have — over the years — inspired us. I think it shows depth of character in a person to be proud of having read books.

I remember stepping into my grandmother’s house in Mexico to be welcomed by an enormous shelf, floor-to-ceiling full of books. The rusty Charlie Dickens making room for paperbacks of yesteryear.

Today I have a modest bookshelf, the contents of which I am just beginning to discover. I also keep books above my desk and by my bed. One day I hope to have a room devoted entirely to keeping the book collection, a home library.

Kind of like the one Karl Lagerfeld has below.

Some books above my desk, in no particular order whatsoever.

Beautiful homes with beautiful bookshelves and incredible home libraries. For more inspiration, check out Bookshelf Porn.


  1. I’ve always chafed a little at that quotation. I try NOT to keep books in my home. They’re a pain in the butt to move cause they’re so heavy. And then gah! What if there’s an earthquake! I’ll end up buried in them!

    What good is a book on a shelf that no one reads? I’ve liked the idea of giving them away with notes inside of them, which is also my favorite way to receive books.

    If people actually lived by that John Waters quotation (And no offense to Mr. Waters, I love the man), I’d never get laid, and that would be sad.

  2. To the young transient folk moving from city to city looking for new adventures, yes, a bunch of books can be a bitch. But let’s think about your dream house, your final resting place, wouldn’t you want it to be full of things that shaped you while you were young and transient?

  3. Rick May

    I love looking at the books I’ve loved reading, my life history in literature. Look at my bookshelves if you want to know who I am.

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