Alexander Chee has penned a very clever listicle for The Awl where he compiles 21 lies writers tell themselves. Things like,  briefs are an appropriate outfit for all-day writing marathons. Alexander goes on to encourage writers to face their self-deception, reject their own bullshit, pull off a Victor Hugo and write instead in their birthday suits.

Here are some more of Alexander’s lies, along with my rebuttal reasoning to keep lying.

3. My talent and its demands protect me from the responsibilities of normal people.

Can health insurance be considered a normal person’s responsibility?

5. When I’m not engaged in the process of writing, I’m thinking about writing, therefore I am writing.

It’s called critical thinking, and its indispensable in the creative process!

7. I don’t care that my frenemy from grad school got a million dollars for that literary crossover novel.

I don’t succumb to fostering relationships with “frenemies” because I am not thirteen years old and my life is not The Hills.

12. I’m only on social media because I have to be to promote X.

Despite my ongoing social media identify crisis and being permanently on the verge of self-promoting a nervous breakdown, my love-hate, sardonic relationship with Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr no longer includes the inexplicable need to try and reach potential customers. I really don’t give a fuck.

18. Writing for free for that website will help me get my name out there.

This is a lie I’ve stopped telling myself recently. So go offer your “exposure” elsewhere.

Now an onslaught of fleshy photos of people writing comfortably clotheless:

Okay so this dude is not technically writing but he’s definitely naked.

BOY TOYS TALK BACK: Do you ever write naked?


  1. Robert Melos

    Love writing naked. Wrote naked on every novel I’ve written and each one that was published.

  2. I’m nude 24/7, conditions permitting. I’m typing this nude now!

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