On Saturday Denys and I spent all afternoon at the Marriott for the annual GLAAD Media Awards. For those of you who may not know him, Denys is kind of shy… so as soon as Glee‘s Dianna Agron approached us on the red carpet he got so excited at the fact that he was standing mere feet away from his girl crush you could almost hear his tiny little heart pounding out of control. Unable to contain himself with all the erratic energy, he did what any starstruck gay boy would have done: hid behind a velvet rope away from the celebrity walk-way.

As soon as Dianna got near me, I pointed towards where Denys was standing and told her about how my boyfriend had a huge crush on her but was too shy to step anywhere near her. Dianna smiled and shouted for Denys to come closer. Without second guessing, Denys awkwardly tripped his way back to the red carpet and tah dah! We took a photo together.

During the dinner we heard from Dianna, who was hosting the whole event, who spoke passionately about her gay timeline. It all started with her first Pride experience in San Francisco and how now that she lives around the block from The Abbey about 70% of her friends are gay. Dianna also took a page from Naya Rivera’s hosting gig last year (click here to watch my interview with Naya then) and auctioned off a steamy kiss. Only to be outdone by Rita Moreno, who auctioned off an entire evening for 8 people to spend at her home.

Backstage, Dianna entertained Jen Tyrrell’s kids with light-sabers and signed a petition to reinstate Tyrrell, an openly lesbian former Cub Scout leader. Speaking of Boy Scouts well-raised by lesbians, Zach Wahls was also in attendance. He spoke of his new project, Out to Dinner. YouTube hottie Wahls is hoping to recruit straight ally couples to host a dinner party with a gay couple and a straight on-the-fence-about-gay-marriage couple in efforts to convert over wine.

As the photos indicate, Adam Pally from Happy Endings and MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts were also in attendance.

BOY TOYS TALK BACK: Do you have a celebrity girl crush? Who is it? And what would you do if you had the opportunity to meet her?


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  2. God I don’t blame him. I think even if I wasn’t a gay woman I would be just as in love with her as I am now. She’s got a great personality and is gorgeous to boot! ::swoon::

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