Tom Ford: ‘I Am My Own Muse’


“I guess I’m hyper-self-conscious about people thinking that I’m egotistical, but there’s a difference between being egotistical and knowing your value as a product and an actor. I know my value as a product, and I’ve divorced myself as a human from myself as a product. Sometimes, I feel that I’ve controlled my image too much, and no one knows who I really am.”

— From a 2007 profile of the prolific designer written by Vanessa Grigoriadis and published in New York magazine.

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  1. Yeah… I think he’s amazing, but he’s looking unhealthily thin in that picture.

    • I think it might be the way the suit is tailored. I always pictured Tom Ford to be kind of hunky.

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  3. OMG! An answer from Oskie Wilde :D Now I know you’re 26 (because of your most recent post), that means you’re almost a decade younger than me… no comments. As someone who has a suit (perhaps more than one) fitted by HRH, Saint-Laurent, himself-I’m quite certain it’s not just the tailoring.
    Hunky, certainly. Twisted, undoubtedly.

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