Feel So Close, Coachella: My Favorite Shows, the Festival’s Best-Kept Secret and How We “Met” Darren Criss

Above is a short compilation of several live performances at Coachella 2012, weekend 2. The song is Calvin Harris’s “Feel So Close” remixed by Nero (both Coachella 2012 acts). I felt like making a video was the only way I could even being encapsulating a weekend full of overwhelming, mind-blowing shows.

The video includes footage from Martin Solveig spinning “Hello” with special guest Dragonette. Coachella was the first time the duo had played that song together in America. Miike Snow teased about bringing out “L.A. finest” and at first I thought it was going to be Britney Spears for a indie electronic reworking of “Toxic” or “Piece of Me.” Turns out Lykke Li was the scheduled guest for “Tin Black Box.”


I wished Calvin Harris had played more of his songs, but I guess he was booked for a DJ set. The Shins were nostalgic as always, and I was utterly impressed by what Florence Welch can do with her god gift of a voice. She is also incredibly fun to watch onstage. I got a little crazy dancing (spasming?) during Radiohead, but hey… if you can’t freak out during their set then when can you? Besides Thom Yorke’s got you automatically beat in the weirdo department.

Other highlights included performances by Grouplove, who played a cover of Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance with Somebody” and The Rapture. But both those shows were on Friday, and I didn’t sneak my camera in that day out of fear of getting it taken away.

The only thing I regret is going to David Guetta instead of St. Vincent. The leathery-tanned women there seemed stuck in 1994 South Beach and their ethnic manfriends in blazers reeked of Acqua Di Gio. I’m worried that Calvin Harris will be affronted with a similar crowd as he gains in popularity.

Coachella’s best kept secret is H&M’s tent pictured right. Similar to their air-conditioned tent last year, the clothing company employed some good looking folks to generously pour us water. However this year, the H&M tent offered a more elaborate shelter with a plushy resting area, free wi-fi, vanity mirrors, photo booths, free sunscreen lotion and other desert-friendly grooming products. It was all in part of their Kiss for a Cure campaign to raise awareness against AIDS.

Saturday night, we accidentally got on the party shuttle back to our resort. Now, I don’t mean just wasted kids and loud music, I’m talking tinted windows, a guy in a Winnie the Pooh costume, club lights and a freaking stripper pole right in the middle. Attention ladies: stripping is only empowering when you are getting paid money for it…

Denys stalking Darren Criss at Coachella
On Sunday, we ran into Glee‘s Darren Criss as he sprinted his way to Gotye, of course. Denys stalked him for a good minute, shooting a video of him walking away from us. He was with some not-so-fabulous people so at first we had our doubts, but when he turned around briefly, even his colorful face paint couldn’t hide that dream boy mug. I could have also sworn we saw the hot werewolf from True Blood, but they were so many shirtless muscle bros there that it might have just been my delirious, overheated imagination.

BOY TOYS TALK BACK: Were you at Coachella this year? Were you wearing politically incorrect Native American wear? What were some of your favorite moments? Did you bump into any celebrities? Who would be your ideal Coachella headliner? And would you have sex with a muscle bros?

The Shins

Miike Snow

Florence and the Machine

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  1. i was there for w2; i was very pc; loved the heat, radiohead, explosions in the sky, gary clark jr,, zombie 2pac; i ran into lonely boy himself, penn badgely. rocking a furry chest., i want to see basement jaxx again. i would sex the shit out of a rolling muscle bro.

    • At first I read Penn Badgely in a fur vest. I saw two bros lighting their cigarettes via dutch fuck. How absurd is that?

  2. Eddie

    This is so cool! I attended Weekend 1 (aka Coldchella), and Pulp was my highlight! I also really dug The Hives and Kasabian. I didn’t run into any celebs this year, nor did sport any inappropriate native American costumes. Don’t get me started on THAT topic. I would love to see a reunited Blur headline the festival next year. Oh, and David Bowie too. I don’t think I would hook up with a muscle bro. What can I say? I like ‘em lean…and a little scruffy too! ;)

    • It’s hard for me to imagine it being cold there… Lead singer of The Hives was way too drunk, cocky and full of himself weekend 2… Blurrrrrr! That’d be amazing. I’d even settle for hologram Bowie.

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