If you took some time yesterday to peruse through the photos of the last must-follow Instagram user on my list, you might have caught a few snapshots of me. Alright… yes, JP is not only an intrepid Instagram user with an eye for color and composition — he’s also one of my bestest buddies in San Francisco. He took this photo at my panel last month and this photo at my reading last year. So needless to say, I am a big fan.

After I decided to add him to my arbitrary-as-hell list of users to follow on Instagram, I spent the entire afternoon looking at his photos. Unlike me, who jumped on the Instagram bandwagon shortly after I got a iPod and just a few months shy of the buzzy Facebook acquisition and with totally ulterior, pre-meditated motives to pen an “expose,” JP has been using Instagram for over a year. Looking through his Instagram collection brought back a flurry of — albeit filtered — memories reminding me once again just how lucky I am to have found such awesome friends in San Francisco. In that, JP played a part.

After college, there are no such things as real world orientation or new adult week. Yet haven’t we all envisioned, viciously, the type of friends we are destined to meet? People who crave like we do, desperate for brighter color, deeper contrast, vibrant life. And in our hunger, together share the collective memories of those frail, unfiltered moments when we were all so young, broke and beautiful. Those memories — at least Mark Zuckerberg and JP agree — are worth about a billion dollars.