A cool photo of the panel last night at the W hotel pool terrace. Video coming soon! Thanks JP for the pic and to all my sexy friends who came. [“The friends you brought were THE BEST LOOKING PEOPLE THERE.”]

Moderator Eve Batey was hilarious. Violet Blue was insightful. Jesse Starlight was creeped out. And OKCupid Chief Strategy Officer Nick Abramovic was, well, he was getting ready for a big move down to Los Angeles, so we’ll forgive his sexist, frat bro comments.

Big thanks to Yerba Buena Community Benefit District! And to Brock Keeling at the SFist and Caitlin Donohue at SFBG for the write-ups. Good thing there will be video to show exactly how much of a “catty bitch” I am not!


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