Dawn of the Boy Toy

For mostly organizational purposes, I’ve started numbering the entries tagged #boy toy over on my Oskie Wilde blog and tonight we are reaching the first fifty! I’ve already posted hundreds of photos — from pretty-eyed dolls to hunky, hairy action figures — since I first started the blog, but now you can be more specific as to which particular #boy toy caught your attention.

Maybe one day I’ll go back and reblog them with an accompanying number to make them easier to reference (boy toy #72, boy toy #308). Sounds like a great assignment for an assistant…

These photos are meant as steamy alternatives to the overly explicit pornography, especially gay porn, that is prevalent on Tumblr. Although on very few special occasions, you’ll encounter a NSFW full-frontal image of a boy toy, it is always in a more sophisticated, visually arresting style. After all, the difference between prurient and poetic is in the eye of the beholder. Enjoy!

[Photo: The Secret Diary of Jake]
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