What happened to this artist in the video above? Now, she was visionary.

Just when you thought Lady Gaga‘s risky visual aesthetic couldn’t diverge any further from her retrograde pop, she releases something that reminds me of a Right Said Fred song recorded for the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers soundtrack.

It would be an understatement to say that her new lead single, “Born This Way,” does not live up to the mega-hype as a generational anthem. I guess it can be an anthem if you wear mesh shirts and acid-washed denim. Not that there’s anything wrong with that… but it is a little ironic, considering the woman is a fashion icon in her own right.

What a waste of talent, of prowess needed to make inspired music. If only she allowed her innovative outfits to influence her musical stylings sonically, not thematically.

I don’t expect pop artists to be revolutionary beyond their own construct. The issue is not that “Born This Way” is not avant garde, the issue is that it’s not even au courant. It’s a remix of an already overplayed anthem from 1989: “Express Yourself.”

And the song’s message about equality and loving people for the way they were born (even though she is a creature of self-proclaimed artificial re-invention) is plagued with lyrics like “orient-made,” which is, as any second grader will tell you, ridiculously offensive.

Her collaboration with Polaroid speaks to her problem as an artist. Her concept for the camera sunglasses was brilliant! Except after you realize that you can’t see anything out of them, making them completely impractical. So, in a sense, listening to Lady Gaga is like taking photographs blind: you’re told there’s something phenomenal on the other side, but you can’t really see it.

As her career has skyrocketed, the Lady has fallen deeper and deeper into her own gimmick. Her concepts don’t fully materialize they way they used to when she sang about silly, fun stuff like disco sticks and boy crushes. That, in its own way, was refreshing and creative, tongue-in-cheek with just a dash of self-awareness.

Now, even in the superficial universe she has designed for herself, she comes off cheesy – a gay joke wrapped in celebrity wrapped in a meat dress.

Now, the girl who would be queen is just a drag.